We like our authors to plough their own furrows and skin their own skunks. Authors of the past that we might have published (had they let us) include Laurence Sterne, James Boswell, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Emily Brontë, Charlotte Brontë, Anne Brontë—even Branwell Brontë. We may publish poetry or prose, or texts that are neither poetry nor prose, or books that are not texts. If you have just graduated from a creative writing course, it won’t quite rule you out, but it will certainly count for nothing.

We publish no more than two books a year, and we currently have no idea how things will pan out beyond our first two books. The chances of us publishing your unsolicited manuscript are therefore very slim indeed. However, if you are still not put off, please make enquiries via the contacts page, but send no attachments in the first instance. Please also buy either (or both) of our first two titles, to show your support for our splendid venture.